Paint To Create The Life That You Want
in this 3-part video workshop

We are creating all the time. Once we wake up to the reality that we have creative authority over our lives, it becomes clear how important intention setting practices are.

Get clear on your highest calling and plant the intentions right onto the canvas, infusing this original art with the deepest longings of your soul. Nurture your seeds and watch your moon garden blossom in front of you, a metaphor for stepping into a more authentic and divinely aligned life. Keep this piece in a treasured space and watch the magic unfold as your dreams become reality.

Materials Needed:

  • Canvas: 11"x14" recommended minimum size
  • An assortment of craft or acrylic paints: shades of green, florals (pink, red, orange, purple, yellow, etc.), dark colors (black, navy, grey, brown, etc), & white
  • An assortment of brushes: The cheaper variety pack craft painting brushes work just fine. The bigger your canvas, the bigger you'll likely want your brushes to be.
  • Pallette (can use a paper plate)
  • Something round: Can also use a compass or a dinner plate
  • Water cup to rinse your brushes before switching paint colors
  • Hair dryer to speed up drying time between layers. Optional.

Example Curriculum

  Introduction & Supplies
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  Painting Journey
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  Thank you + More Examples of Intentional Art
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